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Cam Zink's Backflip Sets Guinness World Record

MTB Freeride - Mammoth Lakes, CA

  • Cam Zink, Photo: Monster Energy
  • Cam Zink, Photo: Ian Collins
  • Cam Zink, Photo: Ian Collins
Colin Bane /

Mountain biker Cam Zink set the bicycle backflip distance jump world record on Thursday, soaring over an 80-foot dirt-to-dirt gap jump at the base of Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in California and just past the 100-foot mark for his Mammoth Flip Presented by Monster Energy event for World of X Games.

Click here to watch Cam Zink's World Record setting Mammoth Flip

"Cam, welcome to the Guinness World Records family: You are officially amazing," said Guinness World Records representative Alex Angert, after verifying the backflip at 100 feet, 3 inches.

Zink, who previously set an unofficial backflip distance record at 78 feet for his step-down flip on the FMB World Tour course at Red Bull Rampage 2013, hit 48 mph on his 910-foot approach on Thursday to meet his triple-digit goal.

"I think it's just the beginning, as in I'll do -- maybe one day -- 150, 200, who knows?" Zink said, holding his certified record plaque. "That's going to be the best plaque I've ever had on my wall, that's for sure."

His flip was flawless, and his timing perfect; after strong winds earlier in the evening, he made his attempt with a slight 3 mph tailwind.

"It's like a dream, I mean, just popped off and I was like 'holy moly' I forgot how long I'd be in the air," he told ESPN's Alyssa Roenigk moments after the jump. "I still felt comfortable but I'm like, 'Man I'm just staring at the sky forever' ... it's a long flight."

Zink also set a new Guinness World Records-certified dirt-to-dirt bicycle straight air record at 120 feet (longer previous bicycle distance jumps used motorized tow-in assists) earlier Thursday, during warm-ups for the Mammoth Flip.

An encore presentation of the Mammoth Flip with Cam Zink Presented by Monster Energy will air during a one-hour "World Of X Games" highlight show airing Sunday at 2 p.m. ET on ABC.
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  • Cam Zink, Photo: Monster Energy
  • Cam Zink, Photo: Ian Collins
  • Cam Zink, Photo: Ian Collins

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