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Bury brothers eat, sleep, breathe motocross

By Jason Pirie - Rocky Mountain Outlook

  • Braden Bury
  • Jesse Bury (far right)

By Jason Pirie - Rocky Mountain Outlook

The Bury brothers share a common love: raw speed, big air and a craving for the checkered flag.

With a garage stocked full of bikes, and a basement brimming with trophies (losing count at 300 or so), 14-year-old Braden and 12-year-old Jesse are emerging as full-fledged motocross superstars.

"Racing is my life... I love everything about it," said Braden, fresh off a recently concluded spring SOAB MX Series season in which he secured overall titles in both the 12-16 85cc and super mini classes.

"It's the feeling you get. Flying through the air 100-feet... nothing beats that," furthered Jesse, who, not wanting to be shown up by his big bro, captured the overall 7-11 85cc class and placed fourth in the 65cc PeeWee class.

This season's results are a far cry, however, from when the Canmore brothers once killed time putting around farm fields on bush bikes just for kicks. After "pounding the crap" out of those two wheelers, according to proud father Greg, it was only a natural transition to their first motocross bikes.

Since then, it's been all motocross, all the time.

"Sell the house, buy a bike," joked Greg. "The boys eat, sleep and breathe motocross. If they could ride every day they would."

Living in the Bow Valley the dirt-riding phenoms may not have an opportunity to hop on their bikes every day to execute jumps, berms and whoops, but they are sure to be found lining up with 20 to 30 other riders their age many a weekend throughout the year. Loading up the fifth-wheel each Friday, the Bury family happily hits the road en route to various motocross tracks scattered across western Canada.

"It's definitely a lifestyle," said Greg, who, like father like sons, also competes in the 40-plus category. "It's a great family sport. Not to knock other sports, but as parents we don't just sit there and watch... we actually take part."

As does Braden and Jesse's nine-year-old sister Piper, albeit recreationally.

"The boys started to win immediately," said Greg. "Like most kids, I don't think they even realize how good they are. They are just kids who love to ride and who love to race."

With success comes sponsors clamoring for their endorsements, though, and this season the Bury brothers signed on with Troy Lee Designs, DeCal Works and Honda, to name a few.

As well, to obtain more traction on their blossoming motocross careers, the dirt riding siblings turned into snowbirds last winter training in sunny California at the PerformX Motocross Academy, which is widely known in the motocross community for developing such stars as two-time Canadian champion Colton Facciotti and seven-time Canadian women's champion Heidi Cooke.

"Being off the bike for two or three months during the winter is painful," said Braden, who has aspirations of turning pro. "Racing is my life. After school it's straight to training and every weekend I'm racing somewhere. I don't see myself doing anything else."

"It's the rush. We can't go without it," echoed Jesse.

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