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Bud Racing's Teillet to Compete in AMA SX 250 West

Supercross - USA

It is now official that French rider, Team Rockstar Bud Racing Kawasaki's Valentin Teillet, will participate in the AMA Supercross 250 West in 2014. He'll be back in France for the Championship of France and the Elite SX round.

Teillet is expected to depart with his coach, Jacky Vimond, in December to begin preparing in appropriate conditions for Anaheim 1 in early January. His preparation has already started off and in France and you can wish him luck in Marseille this weekend as well as the capital for the Bercy Supercross in November.

Read on for's interview with the rider [translated from French]…

After a season marred by a shoulder injury , Valentin Teillet has decided to revive his career in the United States in the 2014 AMA Supercross season with Bud Racing.

Can you go in to the nature of your injury?
I destroyed my shoulder after my fall in the Championship France Romagné in late March. I could not logically continue my season and the surgery was inevitable. I still wanted to try to ride the GP of Bulgaria like that. Looking back, I have some regrets…

Are you now reset to 100%?
After months without a bike and a smooth recovery, I 'm back to 100% physically and especially mentally. It was not easy to recover from this new injury while I lost all my chances for success in 2013. Yet everything has come together.

So you decided to try with Bud Racing for an American adventure in 2014. For what reasons?
Participating in the U.S. SX Championship is a childhood dream of mine. The twist is that the world does not make me any more dreams. Stéphane Dassé, the boss at Bud Racing, told me of his desire to allow me to ride in the United States because he also did not want to leave GP for another year. I was immediately enchanted and the choice was quickly made.

What are the logistics that await you in the USA?
Of course I will ride on a Kawasaki. We already have a very good base engine and I love the bike. I feel very good with its handlebars. It remains for us to prepare for the terrain in the U.S. I leave for California on December 1st with my coach, Jacky Vimond. We have already started the preparation to be ready for Anaheim 1. I will stay around Lake Elsinore. We hope to have access to land Kawasaki. I also go with a French mechanic. I put all my chances to get the job done.

What goals have you set yourself for this year 2014?
I will be starting the AMA SX 250 on the West Coast but also in the league of France Elite 250 cm3 and SX round. I do not know what capacity. I'd like to make 450 cm3. On U.S. races I want above all to experience and thoroughly enjoy myself to the fullest. If I can get close to the podium as often as possible, that's even better.

Financially, it was more interesting to leave Europe?
The financial aspect was secondary. I obviously paid it in Europe or elsewhere. That said, WADA has more appreciation for the riders as they are paid according to their place in the final and I like it.

I'll see you soon then?
Well it seems so.
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