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Brandon Semenuk Interview Chatel Mountain Style

iMTB Interview

  • Brandon Semenuk, Photo: Matt Wragg
  • Brandon Semenuk's Helemt, Photo: Matt Wragg

Brandon Semenuk needs very little introduction. He is one of the hardest core slope style riders out there.

Despite a difficult start to the season he was at the Châtel Mountain Style and he managed to take time out from his busy mountain style preparation to talk to us and tell us what he is up to and how he was finding the course. He also was able to talk to us about his injuries and what he is doing next.

Hey Brandon so weren’t you injured badly this year?
Was I? Ha! Yea I broke my collar bone, then 8 weeks into healing I started riding and I did my AC, on the same shoulder…

Shit, did you have metal plates put on it?
No, I just let it heal.

You just came from a win last week didn't you?
Yea, at the Jump Ship contest.

Not bad for a return from injury…
Yea, it is a smaller event, but obviously it is nice to come back and do some cool stuff.

So how is the shoulder feeling now then here?
It’s pretty good. It’s not amazing. I’m still like, maybe 11 weeks into the healing process, so it’s weak compared what it used to be. It’s healing though.

It’s a pretty tough course here no?
It will be ok here on a big bike. Obviously not good to crash here.

Are you going to hold back at all here?
No, just ride how I feel. I don’t feel too bad, so I will do what I can. I’m not going to pussy foot around the course. That's not why I came here.

You got 4th last year?
Yea, 4th. I was a bit gutted about it. It was a long event last year and who knows. I picked a different line which was a risk. I was hoping it would pay off but I guess it didnt. I took a smaller line but I tricked everything. I don't know…

What’s the plan this year?
Maybe just amplitude..With this course, it's hard to separate yourself from everyone else as it's just basically one line, and it's hard to tell how fast you are going down the hill. So I think judging that is really hard. I will try to separate myself from everyone else and try not to copy anyone and do stuff the same way.

What’s after this?
Crankworx Europe, then Colorado, Highlands and Bearclaws. Then Crankworx again in Whistler.

Is it uphill from here after losing so much this season?
Errr yea it is. It sucks to injure yourself at that time of the year, especially because I lost a bit of my winter with having lots of stuff to do.

Can you get the overall FMB title this year?
It’s a possibility, but I don’t know how it is going to work out. I don’t have any throw away events, so I have to do good at every event I do.

What about Rampage? Having two diamond events in one year, does it make it easier?
Yea it is nice to have two diamond events at the end of the year, for points. We'll see how that goes!

Thanks Dude!
No problem.

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  • Brandon Semenuk, Photo: Matt Wragg
  • Brandon Semenuk's Helemt, Photo: Matt Wragg

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