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Bisseling 4th at BMX Dutch National Championships

Valkenswaard, Netherlands

  • Sander Bisseling
A lot of spectators found the way to the track of Valkenswaard for the BMX Dutch National Championships 2009. The track was different than last year, smaller jumps and not easy to ride but it was ready for the Dutch Championships this weekend.

On Tuesday with practice on the Valkenswaard track I had some troubles with the gate so I decide to do some extra training on Wednesday which give me a better feeling for this weekend. Saturday it was time for some fine tuning on the track and on the gate and everything felt well.

Sunday it was time for some race action which starts not on the way I want it. Had a good gate in moto 1, was in spot 2 but had some trouble in turn number 3, lost my pedal en finished 6th. In my next motos I finished 3th and made it into the semi-final.

Semi was all right, I finished 3th and could prepare myself for the final. In the final you aspect all the riders of the dutch national team but that was not what it was. 4 of the 7 made it into that final, 2 of them couldn't start today with their injury. I had a good start in final, was in the front of the pack before turn 1.

Vd berg came aggressive to the outside, bumped Frank Heijne who bumped me. I lost almost my control of my bike but could stay on 2 wheels. In meanwhile a lot of riders past me and I finished 5th. 5 minutes after the race the officials decide to disqualified vd Berg, so I moved to the 4th place and just missed the podium today.

1. Vd Putten
2. Martijn Jaspers
3. Jelle van Gorkom
4. Sander Bisseling
5. Kevin Sprengers
6. Niels Verrijt
7. Frank Heijne
8. Roy vd Berg

After 2007 and 2008 on the podium today I just missed it, but I'm not angry about that. After surgery couple weeks ago I didn't find the feeling I wanted so I'm satisfied with my result but otherwise I had the possibility for a better place, but that's racing.

Next week I will race at the European Finales in Fredericia, Denmark.
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