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Benny Solis Blog: New Bike, New Team, New Everything!

AMA Road Racing - Daytona, FL

  • Benny Solis
  • Benny Solis
We went out to Jennings to do a day of riding with the team. It was my first time riding the track, the bike, getting to know my guys and the whole team. We had a great time and I felt very comfortable with the whole program.

As soon as I saw the M4/GEICO built Hondas, I got butterflies haha. Almost like a love connection with the bike! I sat on it and everything felt great, felt like a Honda :) We out for my first session, the bike already was incredible. Only took a few turns to get the feeling back of the was seriously an awesome feeling. I was smiling under my helmet too!

The power, the handling, and just the way the bike felt was really a confidence booster for me. Having the bike nearly where my race set up is helped me learn the track pretty fast too.

I was able to get a couple laps in with Dane Westby which helped me a ton. I picked up a second just on seeing a few things and he also came in and gave me quite a few pointers and lines for the track. It definitely helped me and I had a different view of a couple tricky turns.

Throughout the day it was just improvement every time we went out. I got to know my guys better little by little and we always kept the communication going to get everything rolling smoothly.

The changes we made on the bike were quite minor too....that is due to the fact that the M4/GEICO race team built some great machines and already had my setup nearly to where I race it.

I haven't felt so comfortable and connected with a race bike in a while....I'm really happy with how everything is turning out so far. Our guys are the hardest working guys which makes me really motivated to put in 110% all the time. It's slowly coming together and we are already pretty strong...I'm seriously excited for the near future as I can see and feel some great things coming our way.

I'm stoked on how welcomed I feel as well, everyone is way cool and it feels like family in the race team.

Off we got to Daytona! I'll post something else soon here for you guys to read....meanwhile to check out short updates, I'll be posting small write ups an pictures on my Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts! Check them out, and wish us luck!!!!

Thanks ;)
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