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Behind the Wrenches: Jordan Troxell

Motocross - Team TLD

Words by Eric Shirk / VurbMoto

At Loretta Lynn’s this year there were countless mechanics working for amateur riders. Personally, I wish there was a different word than mechanic, because in most cases actual mechanical work is about 1/5 of the responsibilities of a mechanic. Many times in the amateur ranks, mechanics take on the role as driver, trainer, nutritionist, mental coach, and even babysitter (for some of our more misbehaved amateurs). All jokes aside though, for many of these mechanics it will be a long journey of low pay, constant traveling, and countless other sacrifices in the hopes of eventually landing a job on a Factory Team.

I would bet that many of you are aware of Shane McElraths’ journey from riding duct taped’ motorcycles, to a factory ride with the Troy Lee Designs Lucas Oil Honda team. However, Shane isn’t the only one with a, “Rags to Riches” story. Shanes’ mechanic, Jordan Troxell, made his way through the ranks in quite a similar fashion.

The 27 year old from Stuarts Draft, Virginia has been turning wrenches since 2008, but has had an interest in the sport long before his first T-Handle was turned. “I grew up in the late nineties watching guys like Skip Norfolk work for McGrath and Jeremy Albrecht work for Emig” he said. In 1996, Jordan began racing AMA District 13 races, and continued until he graduated High School in 2004. As most working class citizens tend to do, Jordan enrolled in college and got a 9-5 job soon after. However, his goals quickly turned around. “After two years I realized a factory job wasn’t what I wanted to do my whole life, and it was time to make a change” he said. With the new found knowledge of what he wanted out of life, Jordan finished his associates degree, and enrolled in the Orlando Motocross Mechanics Institute. He was able to graduate with flying colors, but the road to a factory job would be a bit more difficult.

Two months after graduating from MMI in 2008, he was able to land a job with an amateur racer named Ronnie Goodwin who would quickly obtain several injuries, forcing Jordan to take a new job with Landon Currier. Little did he know, but these changes in scenery would become quite common over the next 3 years. Before landing his dream job with the Troy Lee Designs Lucas Oil Honda team in 2011, Jordan would take jobs with Landon Currier, Kyle Partridge, Lance Vincent, as well as Ronnie Goodwin for a second time in 2010. Things began to look up in 2011 though, when he landed his first full factory job with Tarah Geiger. “After 2009 I got a little burnt out from new lifestyle I had to live.” he told me. “Staying on the road seven days a week and living in a motor home with a different family was tough, but I went back at it and haven’t looked back ever since.”

Over the next 3 years he would work with Tarah Geiger, Jessy Nelson, Christian Craig, Malcolm Stewart, and now Shane McElrath. These may sound like major changes, but these riders were all riding for the same team, Troy Lee Designs Lucas Oil Honda. For the first time, Jordan was able to find the job consistency he was looking for. “Before I got on this team it seemed like I was always getting super low pay and moving around the country every six months” he said. “A lot of your personal life and relationships get sacrificed from working long hours and all of the time spent away from home.”

Well Jordan, it’s safe to say that you made it. Congratulations on all of your hard work finally paying off, and just know that stories like yours are the reason we all keep chasing our dreams. Now that Shane McElrath is healthy and has made his return to racing at Washougal, keep an eye out for Jordan at the upcoming nationals, and make sure to tell him congratulations on all of his success!
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