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Catching Up With: Kennedy Lutz Interview

  • Kenndy Lutz, Photo: Rainford
  • Top 10 Walton Finishers, Photo: Rainford

Leanne Jantzi /

Hey, Kennedy. First off, tell us a little about who you are and where you are from?
Sure. My name is Kennedy Lutz, number 44 from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, in Canada.

It’s been a great summer for you so far. Let’s start with Loretta’s. You and your dad headed down there and took home some great results. Tell us about that week.
Well, a month before Loretta’s I broke my collar bone on practice day in Raymond, so I wasn’t even sure if I was going to be able to race. About a week before Loretta’s, I rode to see how my collar bone was. It was fine so after that I knew that I could race Loretta’s without my collar bone bothering me.  I went down there hoping that I would win, but I ended up finishing third so I am pretty happy with that. My main competitors live in the southern United States so it’s pretty hard to ride as much as they do. So overall I think it went pretty good for me.

You also backed that up by showing some great results at Walton. How did the TransCan go for you this year?
I’m happy with my results. In the 85 class I got 1st, ladies I got 6th and I think Supermini I got 23rd. I rode the ladies class on my supermini and I think if I would have rode a big bike in that class it would have helped my results. I didn’t want to switch to a big bike though until I was done 85’s just because of the size difference.

You’ve spent a lot of time on the road racing in the States and in Canada, how do you compare the two? Do you like racing in the States more or do you prefer Canada?
I like racing in the States more because there is more competition. In Canada, well, in Saskatchewan, at a provincial there is only like one person to battle with and in the States there are at least two or three people to have a good battle with at every race. I also think the tracks are better there.

We see a lot of Denaye Giroux in you. If I am correct, you spend a lot of time training with her?
I do train with her a little bit at our local track; she sometimes comes out once a week. I don’t train with her as much anymore because I go to the States a lot to ride, but when we are both around we will train together.

Are there any riders that you look up to?
I don’t really have any certain riders I look up to. I just try to focus on me and becoming the rider that I want to be.

What is the plan for 2013? Will we be seeing you on a big bike?
Yes, this weekend I will start riding a 125. I am not too sure what races I will be going to next year. It just depends on how much I grow. I’m not sure if I will be going to Loretta’s this year. If I do go, I will bump myself up to the 12- 15 girls class so that I can ride my supermini. I will also try to make a few trips down to the States so that I can train.

When you go down to the States, where do you usually go to train?
Last year we went to Texas a lot. We might go to Kentucky this year, but I don’t really know yet. It’s all still up in the air.

Thanks, Kennedy. Is there anyone that you would like to thank?
I would like to thank Loud Mouth MX, Schrader’s, Yorkton Dodge, FMF, Troy Lee Designs, EDR Performance and my dad.

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