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Dany Torres' News - X Fighters Munich

FMX - Munich, Germany

A message from Dany Torres

Hi everyone,

Last weekend I was competing in Munich for the last stop of X-Fighters before the final in Australia in October. Although in the previous event in Madrid I had already felt I was in very good shape, I travelled to Germany carrying a lot of pressure on my back because I really needed a good result to make up for my bad start of the season.

Practice at home the previous weeks had been really good and I had some new tricks, among them a trick never seen before, the Backflip Seat Grab Oxecutioner. Unfortunately, I made some mistakes in my qualifying runs and I had to settle for sixth position, which meant I had to face my buddy Maikel Melero in quarter finals.

Maikel made things really difficult for me and I had to do my best to beat him. I am really stoked at his progress this season and I have no doubts that he will soon be able to win one of the X-Fighters stops.

My next opponent in semi- finals was Javier Villegas. I did a very good run including most of my new tricks and Javier knew it was going to be difficult to beat me. He tried really hard but unfortunately he injured his foot in a landing so in the end I made it to the final.

It was the final everyone was waiting for, I had to face the great rider Tom Pages, a final with two European riders… a final between two very good friends. We both put on a really great performance and our runs were both incredible in my opinion. It was a very hard one for the judges, and Tom beat me just by 0.5 points.

Little by little I am getting better in the general ranking and I am currently 3rd. I know the series title looks really difficult at the moment, but maths say I still have some chances so I just need to keep practicing hard and I promise you I am going to make thinks difficult for Tom and Levi.

Big hug!

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