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Raymon van der Biezen On Top After Olympic BMX Time Trials

BMX - London, England

  • Raymon van der Biezen

Team Australia's Caroline Buchanan posted the fastest time during women's BMX Time Trials at the London Games, finishing with a time of 38.433 seconds on Wednesday. Buchanan, the Time Trial world champion and the top-ranked female BMX racer in the world, finished 0.210 seconds ahead of New Zealand's Sarah Walker (38.644), with Colombia's Mariana Pajon finishing in third with a time of 38.787.

"I raced the clock today and I'll race the world on Friday," Buchanan tweeted following Time Trials. "The boxing gloves are coming out."

Rounding out the top five in women's Time Trials was 2008 Olympic silver medalist Laetitia le Corguille in fourth place and three-time world champion from Great Britain Shanaze Reade in fifth place.

In the men's division, Team Netherlands' Raymon van der Biezen posted the fastest time, finishing in first place with a time of 37.779 seconds. Van der Biezen, known as "The Flying Dutchman," finished ahead of France's Joris Daudet (38.221) in second place and teammate for the Netherlands Twan Van Gendt (38.339) in third place.

In fourth place, Team USA's Connor Fields finished with a time of 38.431, followed by Colombian Andres Eduardo Jimenz Caicedo in fifth with a time of 38.445 seconds.

From a strategic standpoint, many of the favorites heading into the Olympic BMX races, including Fields, Sam Willoughby and Maris Strombergs, seemed to have played it relatively safe through Time Trials, which are held to determine riders' positioning in BMX quarterfinals and semifinals.

Two crashes plagued BMX Time Trials. In the women's division, Team USA's Brooke Crain crashed and did not finish. She was examined by the Olympic medical staff and was cleared to race women's semifinals on Friday. In the men's division, Latvian Edzus Treimanis crashed through the roller section, catapulting over his handlebars and landing face-first into the oncoming jump.

Treimanis remained on the ground for a few minutes before removing his helmet. His face bloodied, Treimanis walked off the BMX track on his own to be examined by the Olympic medical staff. It has not yet been determined if the Latvian rider will return for men's quarterfinals.

BMX racing at the Olympics continues tomorrow with men's quarterfinals tomorrow at 10 a.m. ET.

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