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Arnold Sweeps Ontario Supermoto Championship Rd 3

Richmond Hill - Ontario, Canada

  • Dave Arnold
  • Dave Arnold

The Supermoto faithful endured a soggy start to the race weekend as rains soaked Shannonville Park all day Saturday during open practice. A cool and overcast riders meeting didn't hold much promise for drying a mucky dirt section early Sunday until intense sunshine arrived mid-morning giving hope. The intense heat combined with a delayed schedule rewarded racers and fans with a full track and close racing.

After a short round of extra practice on the revised track, Machine Racing Honda's Dave Arnold launched his Bondi Engine powered machine to two holeshots and two uncontested wins in the Pro qualifiers. The wins set him on pole for both the 450 Pro and Pro Open main events.

Yves Lagace' of Carignan, QC was evidently lying in wait and came out on fire in the Pro Open final to grab the holeshot and lead almost every inch of the 12 lap main event. Arnold dogged Lagace' running second for the entire race, the two often side-by-side over jumps and down straights but Dave couldn't find room for a pass on the tight track with one dry line.

On the last lap, in the last corner exiting the dirt section, just 15 feet before the finish line, Arnold pushed his Honda just inside of Yves who was aiming for a small inside berm. Some light contact and the surprise move caused Lagace' to straighten up which rolled his front wheel out of the rut and tipped him over. "I think I surprised the heck out of him with that one" said Arnold with a grin, "I'm pretty sure he thought he had it in the bag and I kinda slid it in there and stood him up Ross "Rollerball" Pederson style to steal it".

The Pro 450 final looked like it might be a carbon copy as Lagace' holeshot again and led the first couple laps with Arnold rubbing his back tire. Wanting to pass and get clear early, Arnold railed a drier outside berm to get a run on Lagace' and out drag him into the next corner two laps before the halfway mark.

With a clear track Arnold was able to check out completely, take the win and sweep the day. "Racing so close with Yves made it a good one and we were able to put a 'W' on the board for the sponsors and the home province in the friendly Ontario - Quebec rivalry" commented Arnold.

The team looks forward to Round 2 of the Canadian Supermoto Nationals in two weeks at the same venue.
 Team Troy Lee Designs Machine Racing Honda Supermoto would like to thank: Troy Lee Designs / Machine Racing / LGS Suspension / Bondi Engines / Honda / Alpinestars / Scott USA / Hammerhead Designs / Brembo / Marchesini / QTM / Dunlop / Motion Pro / Supermoto Specialties / Hinson / Wynn Fitness

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