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    • Tis The Season With Colton Facciotti

      Tis The Season With Colton Facciotti

      Rider Support - Canada

      Have you ever wondered what people in the Canadian motocross industry think about Christmas? Well, wonder no more as over the next few weeks we’re going to reach to some pro riders and industry people to ask them some key festive questions. After speaking to Ryan Lockhart and Brett Metcalfe last week, we then switched gears and tracked down Brett Lee and Andrew McEwan. Today we catch up with our 2014 MX1 Champion and new Daddy, Colton Facciotti, to get his thoughts on the holiday season.

    • TLD Canada Amateur Profile: Hayden Wolff

      TLD Canada Amateur Profile: Hayden Wolff

      Rider Support - Prince George, BC, Canda

      Prince George, BC rider Hayden Wolff definitely has a lot of speed and talent for a kid that’s just 14-years-old. In fact, his results in the last few years have cost Kawasaki a lot of money as he’s now won the Team Green Rider of the Year twice. The awesome prize for winning this Team Green Award is a free bike of your choice from Kawasaki. For this week’s Yamaha Motor Canada Amateur Profile we caught up with Hayden Wolff as he and his family were getting ready for Christmas.

    • Privateer Profile: Ross Johnson

      Privateer Profile: Ross Johnson

      International - Canada

      Washington State’s Ross Johnson is one of those great riders flying under the radar. With a family and job, he’s not able to make it to every Monster Energy Supercross or Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, but he pokes his head in here and there and pulls out some good results. Go ahead and look him up in the Vault; he’s right under a guy named Rick Johnson. (Whatever happened to that dude?) Johnson, riding for the Cycle North team, raced the Future West Canadian Arenacross series and came away with the Pro Open title this past weekend after the last round. I caught up to him after the race to get his thoughts on everything.

    • Redmond and Graffunder Take on Ukupacha in Ecuador

      Redmond and Graffunder Take on Ukupacha in Ecuador

      Enduro - Ukupacha, Ecuador

      Jerry Bernardo / Red Bull

      No one can hide on social media nowadays, the pictures can easily tell the tale. Whilst creeping all things two wheeled one day I quickly discovered that Kyle Redmond and Cory Graffunder were both up to something epic. After seeing photos of them training together in wasteland boulder fields in California I knew some form of a plan was in motion. After a little bit of research it was unveiled that the two extreme enduro young guns would be competing down in Ecuador at the Enduro Ukupacha.

    • USA Got Hold of Junior Trophy Victory in Argentina

      USA Got Hold of Junior Trophy Victory in Argentina

      Off-Road - San Juan, Argentina

      The International Six Days of Enduro 2014 came to an end and the closing day was great fun. The MX circuit offered by Club ASER (Asociación Sanjuanina de Enduro y Rescate) received the riders who were able to stay in the race after five extreme days of demanding terrains in San Juan.

    • Lusty Industries Opens In New Zealand

      Lusty Industries Opens In New Zealand

      Newcastle, NSW Australia

      Lusty Industries & Distributors are pleased to announce that they are opening up a New Zealand Regional Office.

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