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Technology is a vital aspect of the product development process.

Technology refers to the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques or systems, and affects human ability to control and adapt to natural environments. At Troy Lee Designs, we utilize the latest, most comprehensive and proven technologies at our disposal. Our designers rely on technology as their most valuable tool in turning their visions into reality.

We work directly with our vendors to perfect new technologies and incorporate them into the manufacturing process. This allows us to offer products with intelligent, intuitive features that enhance a rider's ability to make split-second decisions and safely navigate their surroundings.

Advances in manufacturing technology also allow us to push the envelope when creating new graphics. Troy Lee Designs is known for cutting-edge graphics that look fast, even when standing still. Working closely with vendors to develop new graphic techniques opens the door to what is visually possible.

By nurturing this relationship between designers and vendors, we create an environment without limits, where one pushes the other to a higher level of success. The result is a line of products that consistently improves over time.
Video: D3 Helmet Tech