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Research & Development

The conception of new and improved products happens through extensive research and development.

New product development is a proactive process by which dedicated resources are allocated to identify market changes and seize upon new product opportunities before they occur.

Basic science must exist to support a product's viability. And if the science is lacking, it must be discovered or invented. This is the 'research' phase. If the science does already exist, then turning it into a useful product is the 'development' phase.

At Troy Lee Designs, research and development is an investment in our future. We continuously research new materials, techniques, and processes. We work closely with racers of various disciplines to gather valuable feedback about what works, and what does not. All of this information is collected and carefully integrated back into the development process. This allows us to ensure that once products have become outdated, we have viable successors in the pipeline.

All of our products are put through rigorous quality testing, both at the manufacturing level and in our own facility. We routinely visit all of our vendors to ensure that the high quality Troy Lee Designs is known for is present and accounted for, at little or no sacrifice to each product's aesthetic. If for any reason a product does not seem viable, either for quality or aesthetic reasons, it does not go into our line.
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