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Use the links below to download our product catalogs in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Due to large file sizes, some downloads may take a few minutes. Please be patient. (Mac Users: Hold option key and click on a link to download.)


2014 Bicycle Catalog
2014 Bicycle Catalog
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2014 Bicycle Catalog (38M)

2014 Honda Licensed Collection
2014 Honda Licensed Collection
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2014 Honda Licensed Collection (4.2M)

2014 Spring/Summer Sportswear Collection
2014 Spring/Summer Sportswear Catalog
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2014 Spring/Summer Sportswear Collection (27M)

2014 Moto Catalog
2014 Moto Catalog
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Intro/Paint (9.5M) Premium Protection (8.4M)
Helmets (11.2M) Luggage/Accessories (4.3M)
Racewear (10M) Line Matrix/International (4.4M)
Gloves (5.9M)  

2013 Summer/Fall Bicycle Catalog
2013 Summer/Fall Bicycle Catalog
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Intro/Helmets (7.7M) Gloves (3.6M)
Trail Gear (5.6M) Premium Protection (6.5M)
Gravity (4.4M) Accessories (9.2M)
Racewear (4.1M)  

2013 Moto Catalog
2013 Moto Catalog
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Intro/History/Paint (948K) Womens Sportswear (394K)
Helmets (3.8M) Youth Sportswear (868K)
Racewear (5.8M) Hats/Beanies (742K)
Gloves (2.2M) Accessories (431K)
Protection (2M) Stickers/Banners (2.9M)
Luggage (690K) Line Matrix (3.6M)
Mens Sportswear (4.5M) Distributors (397K)

2013 Bicycle Catalog
2013 Bicycle Catalog
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Intro/History/Paint (2M) Protection (2.7M)
Helmets (3.1M) Sportswear (8.8M)
Racewear (7.5M) Accessories (5.3M)
Gloves (3.5M) Matrix/Distributors (2.7M)  

2013 Honda Apparel
2013 Honda Apparel
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Honda Factory Racing Apparel (4.3M)

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Helmet User Manuals (PDF) Protection User Manuals (PDF)
AIR Motocross Helmet (8.9M)
SE2 Motocross Helmet (11.7M)
SE3 Motocross Helmet (7M)
D2 Action Sports Helmet (14.4M)
D3 Action Sports Helmet (5.2M)
Shock Doctor Base Pants (185K)
Shock Doctor Base Shorts (188K)
Shock Doctor Elbow Guards (210K)
Shock Doctor Knee Guards (344K)
Shock Doctor Shirts (3.5M)
Shock Doctor Wrist Guards (308K)