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Photo of Malcolm Stewart

34Malcolm Stewart

TLD / Lucas Oil / Honda Team

Team: TLD / Lucas Oil / Honda

Sponsors: TLD, Lucas Oil, American Honda, Red Bull, Adidas, Oakley, Fender®, MavTV, GoPro

175 lbs
Bartow, FL
Haines City, FL

As the younger brother of two-time AMA champion, James Stewart, Malcom is in a privileged position, constantly gaining feedback and instruction from one of the world's best riders.

It was only a few years ago that Malcom Stewart had his sights set on joining the Bassmaster tour as a professional fisherman. Things obviously took a dramatic turn when Stewart hung up his fishing pole in exchange for time on the track in preparation of his professional debut at the Houston Supercross in February of 2011.

Since his debut, Mookie has finished inside the top ten in 250SX East Region points for two straight years, and also posted back-to-back 11th place finishes in 250MX points.

What was your crowning achievement from your rookie season in both Supercross and outdoor nationals (so far)?
In SX finishing in the top 10, but the ultimately goal was to podium. As for MX accomplishing the same or better.

What was the most challenging obstacle you had to overcome on the road to becoming a pro rider?
Frustration, not knowing exactly what to expect.

Is it true that James gave you the nickname “Supastar”? Why?
No, it’s Mookie Fever, because I'm supposed to bring on the heat.

Is it ever frustrating when fans or anyone in general, will compare you to your brother or expect you to be just like him on the track? Do you feel like you will ever be autonomous from his name?
Sometimes, but the more I race the fans are seeing that me and my brother are totally 2 separate people. As far as being autonomous from my brother, I don’t think that will happen, because I will always be look at as James’s younger brother.

Do you feel like having an older brother in Motocross makes you strive to succeed in the sport, and maybe one day have him be compared to you?
Definitely having my brother in this sport is a plus, but as for him to be compared to me, Good Luck! He will take it to a whole different level if that was to happen.

Do you have any tips for riders who are scared to commit to jumps and fast speeds?
Only do what you feel is comfortable to you only.

What do you do to overcome forearm pump?
We have this gadget that has a handle, rope and a light weight attach to it in the gym. We roll it up and down slowly, and it supposed to help make the forearms stronger.

Can you give some advice on how to take corners successfully?
My dad always tells me if you cannot see the tip of your boot, then you’re not in the right position, and use the front brake for coming in the corners faster.

Which fellow rider are you closest with?
Well, beside my brother, Tevin Tapia.

Do you think you would do better on a 450, since you’re a big rider for the 250?
Maybe and Maybe not, I feel I need to be stronger to handle the 450 for the speed them guys are running.