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Photo of Troy Lee

25Troy Lee


Sponsors: TLD, Seaspan, Honda, PPG, Skullcandy

Pasadena, CA
Laguna Beach, CA
170 lbs.
What keeps you going?

My beautiful wife Sarah, my kids Max and Carly, and our new twins Dylan and Maya.

About Troy Lee

In the late 1970's I was racing pro around Southern California. Whenever I won a race at places like Ascot, Saddleback or Corona, I'd go get my $100 from the promoter. I loved racing, but I wasn't exactly getting rich. Even so, I was racing and painting and having the time of my life. Along the way, my friends started asking me to paint helmets for them. I'd get to the races early, hand my friends their helmets, and collect $40. I was still going pretty fast then.

To make myself stand out a bit more, I started painting my Suzuki's refrigerator white and candy-apple red. What I was doing must have made an impression on the other riders, because about that time, Goat Breker asked me to paint up a helmet for him. Goat introduced me to Jeff Ward, and I painted a helmet for him. Then came Magoo Chandler and Mark Barnett. That's when I realized that my dream just might come true. I could actually make a business out of the two things I loved most, painting and racing.