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Photo of Jake Johnson

5Jake Johnson

Flat Track

Team: Danzotti Racing

Sponsors: Troy Lee Designs, Danzotti Racing

150 lbs
Deptford, NJ
current residence:
Coatsville, PA

How did you get into Flat Track?
My dad used to race so I got into it.

How old were you when you started riding?
3 years old.

Where did you grow up?
New Jersey.

How did you first get introduced to TLD and/or Troy?
I found out about TLD from watching Jeremy McGrath back in the day.

How long have you been riding for TLD?
Since 2011.

Which TLD products are you using?
Gear, gloves, casual…and sexy lingerie.

Do any athletes/riders influence or inspire your style?
Jimmy Wood.

What do you like to do when you're not riding?
Honestly…not much.

What bands/music are you into?
I like Lil Wayne.

List 3 goals you have for the upcoming season:
1. Win races.
2. Win a championship.
3. Just win.

List a few highlights of your career:
2002 Rookie of the Year.
2010 and 2011 Grand National Champion.

What's your favorite race/event?
The Pomona Half Mile.

What's your idea of an epic day riding?
When you can't walk the next day.

What's the best thing about being a professional athlete?
The fame and fortune.

If you weren't a professional athlete, how would you want to spend your time?
Hopefully not in jail.

If you were running things, what would you change about the industry?
I couldn't do anything but make it worse.

Who would you like to thank?
My wife, family, friends, fans and all of my sponsors.

Any words of wisdom?
Pop wheelies. Rip skids. Big air.