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Photo of Greg Hancock

1Greg Hancock


Team: Team Hancock

Sponsors: System Edstrom, Mercedes-Benz, Tornado Racing Cams, Holmen, Red Line Oil, Motion Pro, Joe Hughes Intl., GM Engines, Stuha Frames, Talon Wheels, Domino, Prexport, Oakley, CTi2

Greg Hancock

Career Highlights:

2011 - World Speedway Champion.
2006 - 2nd in World Speedway Grand Prix Series.
2006 - 1st in Latvian Grand Prix.
2006 - AMA U.S. National Speedway Champion.
2005 - AMA U.S. National Speedway Champion.
2004 - 1st in British Grand Prix.
2004 - AMA U.S. National Speedway Champion.
2003 - 1st in Norwegian Grand Prix.
2003 - AMA U.S. National Speedway Champion.
2002 - 1st in Australian Grand Prix.
2000 - 1st in Danish Grand Prix.
2000 - AMA U.S. National Speedway Champion.
1998 - AMA U.S. National Speedway Champion.
1997 - World Champion.

Words From Greg:
"Troy Lee and I have been family friends from way back! Our parents have known each other for long time and Troy’s father Larry is also an amazing artist. Motorcycles, paint and fun have been a huge part of all our lives.

"My dad is also a custom painter who later in life started to teach automotive body and paint for the San Bernardino County of Schools.

"At a very early stage in Troy’s professional painting career, he actually worked with my dad who showed him some of the basics of painting or custom painting. It did not take long for the combination of Troy’s natural artistic abilities to grow from that into one the best artist/painters in the world as far as I’m concerned. Troy’s business started in his garage before expanding into a little airport hangar at Corona airport in California where he was developing and producing helmet visors for all types of helmets. This combined with his custom helmet painting saw his business really excel.

"During our lives, motorcycles too have played a huge roll in all that we have done. Being an avid motorcyclist himself, Troy has always supported me in my speedway career as well as the sport itself. Always there to lend a positive helping hand or advice on how to promote myself to say the least.

"Troy Lee Designs has developed into a great business and to this day, Troy himself is still a regular, great guy doing all the same fun stuff that he’s done his whole life. He’s only a little more busy these days!!"