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Photo of Bret Peterson

6Bret Peterson


Team: Team Peterson Racing

Sponsors: Sponsors: ASV, Dunlop, Engine Ice, Gearne, K&N, Malcolm Smith, Pole Position, Pro Circuit, RK, Troy Lee Designs, Universal

Placentia, CA
How did you get into MX, BMX, MTB? And how old were you when you started riding?
My father raised me around Hillclimbing since I was born. When I turned three he put me on my brother's Suzuki 50 and I've been riding since.

Where did you grow up?
Yorba Linda, CA

How long have you been riding for TLD?
Since '04 I believe.

List three goals you have for the upcoming season.
Podium for all three classes at all the events.

What do you like to do when you're not riding?
Graphic Design, BMX, art, Pole Position Indoor Karting, Travel

Do any riders influence or inspire your style?
Kurt Casseli has great style, he came and rode for us and he runs it wide open but under control, thats how I try to ride and thats how you have to ride if you want to win one of our events.

What bands/music are you into?
Motley Crue, Deftones, Stone Temple Pilots, Guns N Roses, a little Notorious B.I.G.

List a few highlights of your career.
The first two time winner of the Big Nasty Hillclimb Open Class and King Of The Hill 2006 and 2008. The 2008 Big Sky Thunder Nationals Hillclimb 700cc class Champion.

What's your favorite race/event and why?
I love riding the Day In The Dirt every year I can make it. The Hillclimb I really like is our season ending East vs. West Shootout in Indiana. You get the guys from the east to compete against once a year and the hill is usually very fast and has lots of jumps which makes the hill different from what we compete on all year.

If you were running things, what would you change about the industry?
I would try to concentrate on all the athletes of all the sports. Our sport has been around since the motorcycle was invented and still we don't receive the credit we deserve. There are alot of sports besides ours that also have the same problem, I think that if the magazines and big sponsors recognized the athletes that are in sports like ours they would help promote the series, the sport, and the athletes to help them get the recognition they deserve.

What's your idea of an epic day riding?
The day after it rains at The G Spot.

What's the best thing about being a pro rider?
The support you get from everyone to go out and win.

Which TLD products are you using?
All of them

If you weren't a professional athlete, how would you want to spend your time?
I would probably focus on school more and get my degree in Graphic Design, I would also like to start a hillclimbing school focusing on the kids of our sport. They're the future.

Who would you like to thank?
My Family and girlfriend first off, they are there for me year round, dealing with wins and losses. All my sponsors that help me get to where I'm at today. Thanks to you guys at TLD of course for taking my family in and helping us become the winningest Hillclimb Team in the sport.

Any words of wisdom?
Practice, race to win, but have fun doing it... Life is short, and racing is life, so enjoy it while you can... Keep the people that keep you racing close...