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Photo of Thad Duvall

989Thad Duvall


Team: Shenandoah Honda/Off-Road Champions

Sponsors: Shenandoah Honda, Off-Road Champions, Troy Lee Designs, Works Connection, Twin Air, Hinson, Pro Circuit, SCOTT

165 lbs.
Williamstown, WV
Williamstown, WV

How did you get into GNCC?
My dad raced professional quads for 12 years so I was always around the racing industry growing up.

How old were you when you started riding?
I got my first dirt bike when I was 3 years old but didn't start racing until I was 7. I could actually ride my dirt bike before I could ride a pedal bike!

Where did you grow up?
Small town - Williamstown, West Virginia.

How did you first get introduced to TLD and/or Troy?
This past year I was looking for a gear sponsor and really loved the TLD style, and luckily I got a chance to become apart of the Troy Lee family.

How long have you been riding for TLD?
Only since 2012, with hopes of more years to come!

Which TLD products are you using?
Riding gear, helmets and gloves.

Do any athletes/riders influence or inspire your style?
Lance Armstrong because no matter what was going on in this life he never gave up.

What do you like to do when you're not riding?
I love to be outdoors. I do a lot of hunting on my down time. I also do a lot of cycling. I've really gotten into that this past year.

What bands/music are you into?
A lot of rap music, really anything that can get me pumped up and in the zone!

List 3 goals you have for the upcoming season:
Finish within top 3 of every race in my GNCC Racing Series.
Qualify for an outdoor national.
Be in the hunt for the championship title at the end of my GNCC season.

List a few highlights of your career:
Definitely winning the XC2 Pro-Lites Championship in 2008 and winning my first XC1 race this past year (2012) at Unadilla. Such an awesome feeling!

What's your favorite race/event and why?
My favorite race in the GNCC series is Unadilla. I get to throw whips and ride my own style while racing a woods race.

What's your idea of an epic day riding?
Any day that I get to ride my dirt bike is an epic day of riding!

What's the best thing about being a professional athlete?
The fans, definitely! Meeting little kids and they tell me I'm their hero is an awesome feeling!

If you weren't a professional athlete, how would you want to spend your time?
I would either want to be a professional cyclist or a hunter with my own television show.

If you were running things, what would you change about the industry?
Get paid millions of dollars!! [laughs]

Who would you like to thank?
My dad for sure! He is my mechanic and also works a full time job. Couldn't ask for anyone better. John Ross with Shenandoah Honda, Erik Nijkamp with, I couldn't thank them enough for all the help, support, and for believing in me this past year. All the rest of my sponsors: Honda, Works Connection, Twin Air, Hinson, GeCo Special Parts, nine1nine Designs, River Church, Super B, Pro Taper, DP Brakes, Factory Connection, EPBC Bicycles, Wiseco, Domino, Denda, Cycra, Pirie Performance, Evans, Spectro Oils, BRP, Braking, Pro Circuit, SCOTT, IMS, SiDi Boots, Innteck, USWE, Kenda, Woodland Park Surgical Associates, Harris Auto Parts.

Any words of wisdom?
Never give up on your dreams.