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Photo of Kyle LeDuc

99Kyle LeDuc


Sponsors: Rockstar, Troy Lee Designs, Toyo Tires

Cherry Valley, CA

When and how did you get into racing?
I was born into it, but started racing when I was 19.

Most memorable moment in your career:
There are two…My first CORR win in the 2003 World Championships and in 2008 when I had my first Pro-4 win in Pomona, CA at the CORR event.

If you could have anyone as your co-driver for just one race, who would you pick and why?
Carl Renezeder, so he can see how it feels to win again!

Person Most Admired in your life:
Robby Gordon has an awesome driving style, and someday he will say the same about me.

Hobbies Outside of Racing:
Riding moto with my buddies and building anything and everything that goes fast.

Favorite Daily Driver:
I have a 04 F-150, but my dream car that I own is a 1981 Delorean DMC. Awesome car.