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Photo of Tarah Gieger

3Tarah Gieger

WMX Championship

Team: TLD / Lucas Oil / Honda

Sponsors: Troy Lee Designs, Lucas Oil, Honda, PPG, Red Bull, Adidas, Oakley, Seaspan, Fender, GoPro

135 lbs.
Ramey, PR

How did you get into MX, BMX, MTB, snow boarding, etc?
My dad bought me a bike and went to my first race and haven't stopped since.

And how old were you when you started riding?
10 years old.

Where did you grow up?
Puerto Rico. 

How did you first get introduced to TLD and/or Troy?
By some cool people. 

How long have you been riding for TLD?
Since 2009.

Which TLD products are you using?
Jersey, pants and casual.

Do any athletes/riders influence or inspire your style?
I like to watch everyone and take little bits and put it into my own style.

What do you like to do when you're not riding?
With so much traveling and riding I just like to kick back on the couch when I get a chance.

What bands/music are you into?

List three goals you have for the upcoming season:
Win the WMX title
Medal at XGames.
Celebrate my wins.

List a few highlights of your career:
X Games Gold medal.
3x Loretta Lynn's Champion.
3x Winter National Olympic Olympiad.

What's your favorite race/event and why?
For a single event it would be X Games because it's such a cool vibe and a good place to showcase our sport.

What's your idea of an epic day riding?
Out freeriding with a bunch of friends and then sitting around and having a good life.

What's the best thing about being a professional athlete?
Everday can be different.

If you weren't a professional athlete, how would you want to spend your time?
I would find some way to travel.

If you were running things, what would you change about the industry?
I would change the way companies get behind and push the amateur kids. They need to be kids and stay in school to evolve as well rounded human beings with social skills.

Who would you like to thank?
All my peeps.

Any words of wisdom?
Live with no regrets.