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Photo of Alejandro Caro

Alejandro Caro

BMX Freestyle

Sponsors: Troy Lee Designs, California Xtreme, Red Bull, Wethepeople, Insane Clothing

Santiago de Cali, Colombia
Santiago de Cali, Colombia

Alejandro Caro runs his own agricultural distributing company; works on his farm every Saturday; flies remote controlled planes in his spare time; and has been a BMX racer for 12 years.

The Columbian is helping the BMX scene to grow, in a country where the sport is really beginning to take off. Riding for Troy Lee Designs, WeThePeople, Insane Clothing, SCG, Empresagro and Red Bull, Caro is one of the most influential BMX dirt racers.

He has won three times consecutively at the European competition, Nokia FISE and was named King of Dirt in 2003. He has been assisting with the organization and taking part in BMX Dirt Jump contests and festivals since 2001. His career within the sport is still going strong, more than a decade since he broke into the BMX dirt circuit.

Where are you from?
I’m from Santiago de Cali, Colombia, South America

What was your first bike?
Man, it was big black coaster brake bike and very heavy

What or who got you into riding?
There was a BMX track near my house in Buga. A few of my friends and I stared going there, so I began racing, one day I realized that it is more fun to go fast and high than fast and low so I started riding dirt jumps.

Describe your perfect day:
Wake up early and go work on my farm, check my lakes chill at my place, catch and cook a few fish for lunch. Then I go and do some maintenance on the jumps put some water on them and have a good dirt session with my friends. After that we do a BBQ and just chill at benches next to trails. I guess if it’s a day, when I have the chance to ride, it is a good day

What do you like best about BMX?
The feeling of landing a trick perfect to the pedals, those four meters after the landing are the best feeling you can imagine. Also the opportunity to travel to different places. Meeting new people, it has become part of my life this is what I do!

Contest or videopart?
Contest!!! In my opinion those events are fun.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Working, making my business bigger and stronger, opening new stores, riding and traveling as much as possible.