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Photo of Robbie Wageman

108Robbie Wageman

Dealer Supported Amateur

Sponsors: Troy Lee Designs, Asterisk, Yamaha

Santa Clarita, CA
Santa Clarita, CA
70 lbs.

How did you get into motocross?
My dad is an ex-professional motocross racer and when I was young I really enjoyed riding around on his bike with him.  At 4 years old he bought me a PW 50 and the rest is history.

How old were you when you started riding?
4 years old.

Where did you grow up?
I have lived my whole life in Santa Clarita, CA.

How did you first get introduced to TLD and/or Troy?
My dad owns a Service and Accessory store (Pit Pro MX) and has carried TLD for many years.

How long have you been riding for TLD?
Only since 2010, but Bob Miyako helped my dad out in the past with some gear when I was racing 65ccs.

Which TLD products are you using?
GP Youth Pant, Jersey and Gloves, Air Helmet & SE2 Helmet, CP 5955 Chest Protector.

Do any riders influence or inspire your style?
Josh Hansen - Because he commented to me at Competitive Edge Race Track that my style was badass.

What do you like to do when you're not riding?
Drive RC cars, ride my BMX bike, ride my Razor Scooter and wakeboard (in summer).

What bands/music are you into?
Hollywood Undead.

List 3 goals you have for the upcoming season:
1. Be Positive.
2. Ride Smart.
3. Win Races.

List a few highlights of your career:
-Photo shoots for Transworld MX, Motocross Action and Dirt Rider throughout the past 3 years.
-4th place at Loretta Lynn’s Amatuer National 2011 85cc 9-11.
-Won a moto at World Mini 2011.
-1st place at Mini Moto SX 2010 (I got to go on the podium and be interviewed with a Monster girl standing next to me).
-4th place at Mammoth Motocross 2010 65cc 9-11.
-7th place Stock & 7th place Mod at Ponca City 2009 65cc 7-11.
-8th place at Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National 2009 65cc 7-11.

What's your favorite race/event and why?
Loretta Lynns because it’s the biggest Amateur National and I’m competitive. I like how big the ranch is and that I can go chill out with no noises when I’m not racing. 

What's your idea of an epic day riding?
When it’s overcast outside and the dirt is still wet and perfect.

What's the best thing about being a motocross athlete?
I get to go to all of the big Amateur Nationals.

If you weren't a motocross athlete, how would you want to spend your time?
I would ride my BMX bike a lot.  And make a lot of dirt jumps.

If you were running things, what would you change about the industry?
We need more support to the amateur riders. There are so many kids out there that are having such a great time riding but it is a very expensive sport for their parents to afford.

Who would you like to thank?
Pit Pro, Troy Lee Designs, Smith Optics, Nstyle, Gaerne, Pro Circuit ,Renthal, Asterisk and Yamaha.

Any words of wisdom?
Ride smooth and smart.